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The timeless allure of solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement rings are a classic and timeless choice for those in search of a style that will always be on trend. Also known as single stone rings, solitaire engagement rings are exactly that – rings that feature only one statement stone.

Historically, a solitaire engagement ring would have only featured a diamond, usually a round brilliant cut, which is the most popular stone shape for any engagement ring. Nowadays, they are more popularly set with fancy shape diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Engagement ring experts at Steven Stone have revealed everything there is to know about the minimal design, which is the most popular style for a proposal.

Solitaire rings are inherently refined and minimalist, with the simplicity of the design allowing the centre stone to be the focal point. With everyone having unique styles and tastes, different cuts can be used to make a truly personalised piece of jewellery.

Popular diamond cuts for a solitaire ring include:

Princess cut: A squared-off cut, compromised of either 57 or 76 facets.

Emerald cut: A rectangular diamond with a step cut.

Oval cut: An elongated version of the round brilliant.

Marquise cut: A boat-shaped cut with pointed ends.

Heart cut: A diamond cut based on the universal symbol for love.

Even though a solitaire ring only features one diamond, it isn’t limited to a minimalist look. With band designs ranging from simple to intricate designs, these styles help match the ring to the wearer. Choosing a style essentially comes down to the personal preference of you or your partner and while some can limit the size of the diamond, we’ll be able to make adjustments should you want a larger gemstone.

The history of the solitaire engagement ring

Solitaire rings have been around for as long as rings have existed – in Ancient Rome for example, it was highly unusual for a ring to contain more than one stone. Though despite their longevity, it wasn’t until the 1940’s when they started hitting the headlines.

Following the Great Depression and WW2, the diamond trade was in desperate need of a boost. Producers De Beers had total control of the diamond market and decided to use their power to boost the sale of diamonds amongst the middle classes of America.

De Beers commissioned an ad agency to produce a campaign to increase sales and the four words that they produced – “A Diamond Is Forever” – went on to dominate the engagement ring market from that point on, leading to a boom in solitaire engagement rings sales.  

Pros and cons of solitaire engagement rings

The main reason that people are drawn to solitaire engagement rings is their timeless design – simple and minimalist, they’re a piece of jewellery that will never feel stale and can easily be passed down.

While a solitaire ring dictates the style of setting and number of diamonds, it can be made of any metal. Whether it’s yellow gold, platinum or rose gold, the ring is going to look spectacular and the decision is completely down to you. No metal is superior and each has its own unique look and properties.

The minimalism of the band of a solitaire ring shifts all the attention to the sparkling diamond on top. Minimalism wins again when it comes to styling solitaire engagement rings with wedding bands as due to their versatility, they’ll look equally at home with an elaborate wedding band as they would with a simple one.

Though not necessarily a con, solitaire engagement rings may not be the perfect choice for everybody and those wanting for reflect their personality may find them a bit too plain.

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