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Unique alternative ring boxes to use for your proposal

When it comes to popping the question, A LOT of thought goes into choosing the perfect engagement ring and planning the perfect proposal.

But what about the ring box? The ring box is a very important item as it ensures that the ring is protected from damage – it’s also offers an ideal opportunity to reflect yours and your partners character, if an original ring box is a bit too plain for you.

 Ring boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a multitude of choice. Engagement ring specialists at Steven Stone have shared some of their favourites.


♬ Magical Mystery – Mark Fabian & Alexander Smith

Map Ring Box

Perfect for couple’s with the travel bug, map ring boxes tend to display a map of a particular country and date – this could be when and where you met your partner, or when and were the proposal is taking place.

Whether you met your partner in an exotic location or have globetrotting plans with them in the future, map ring boxes are the perfect accessory to commemorate the start of your journey together.

Crystal Geode Box

Both exquisite and unique, a crystal geode ring box will certainly ensure that you propose in style!

Geodes are a type of natural rock formation that contains a cavity lined with crystals or another type of mineral matter. They’re formed as a hollow bubble inside of a layer of rock, which was created by volcanic forces or chemical precipitation.

Though it’s worth adding that caution is required if you’re going to propose with one – mostly due to their weight, but also due to them being incredibly delicate.

Seashell Box

There’s something inherently romantic about beaches, which is why there are so many beach proposals – and a seashell ring box is the perfect accessory for one.

According to the legend Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, was born from sea foam and married to Poseidon, the God of Sea, who gave her a big seashell as a gift representing their love for each other.

Dragon’s Egg Box

From Game of Thrones to Harry Potter, if you and your partner are into fantasy then a dragon’s egg ring box is an excellent choice.

Dragon eggs are highly symbolic – associated with transformation, rebirth and new beginnings, they’re an incredibly fitting object to house the engagement ring for the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Russian Faberge Box

The House of Fabergé was a jewellery firm founded in 1842 in Russia, by Gustav Faberge.

Though the name Faberge has been long associated with its series of bejeweled easter eggs that were created for the Russian Imperial family, by the time the first was fashioned in 1888, the firm was already a leading maker of jewellery and objects of vertu.

Designed to be as beautiful as they are functional, Faberge boxes are a stunning alternative to a traditional ring box.

Heirloom Antique Box

Quirky ring boxes aren’t for everybody, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a regular ring box.

What about antique ring boxes? From delicate gold detail to plush soft velvet ring beds, they’re sure to be a treasured keepsake.

Medieval Box

Boasting the finest craftmanship, medieval ring boxes are perfect for any fantasy or tabletop gaming enthusiast.

Perhaps your partner is a lover of medieval jewellery and you’ve designed a beautiful and unique engagement ring to reflect that?

If you’re looking for some jewellery inspiration, why not take a look at our full collection? Whether you’re after a necklace osome diamond earrings, we’ve got you covered. We also have a vast range of engagement and wedding rings.

If you don’t see anything that takes your fancy, we also offer a bespoke service, where our designers will create a unique piece of jewellery that ticks all the boxes.

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