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Everything you need to know about KSI’s diamond mouthpiece

For his upcoming fight against Tommy Fury in Manchester, KSI decided that he needed a glittering accessory.

The YouTuber and boxer set Safejawz the task of making him something very special indeed – the world’s most expensive mouthguard.

Containing diamonds and gold, KSI’s latest purchase has everybody talking and we couldn’t wait to take a closer look.

Diamond experts at Steven Stone have revealed everything there is to know about the substantial mouthpiece – including the obvious safety implications.

Instagram: @safejawz

The substantial mouthpiece features 108 individual high clarity GVS diamonds that were all responsibly sourced and has been hand glided with 24 carat gold.

A GVS diamond is a diamond that has both a G colour grade and a VS clarity grade – this means that the diamond is very close to being colourless and has such slight inclusions that they;re not visible to the naked eye. A GVS diamond is considered to be a high-quality diamond that offers a great balance of beauty and value.

The mouthpiece also features a gold leaf Prime logo – the energy drink created by KSI and Logan Paul – positioned front and centre, which is embedded with 50 diamonds.

A total of 16 individual experts worked on the mouthpiece, which is reportedly worth over £41,000.

Instagram: @safejawz
Instagram: @safejawz
Instagram: @safejawz

There’s been a flurry of concern from fans on social media regarding the safety implications of wearing a mouthpiece that features diamonds – particularly as diamond is the hardest naturally occuring substance known to man.

Mouthpieces are designed to protect the fighter’s teeth and lips from damage, as well as to reduce the risk of concussion, so it’s out of the question that the Association of Boxing Commissions would allow the mouthpiece if it breached safety violations.

According to our diamond experts, not only will the diamonds be smoothed out, but there’ll be multiple layers of resin over them.

KSI’s mouthpiece is up there with Drake’s ‘Previous Engagements’ necklace and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Crown of Thorns’ as one of the most impressive diamond pieces that we’ve seen.

The substantial mouthpiece features 108 high clarity GVS diamonds and has been hand glided with 24 carat gold. It also features a gold leaf Prime logo which is embedded with 50 high quality diamonds – a nod to the energy drink he created with Logan Paul, who is also due to fight in Manchester this weekend.

Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man, so expectedly, there have been some safety concerns about KSI’s mouthpiece. The Association of Boxing Commissions enforce strict rules when it comes to mouthpieces, so it’s incredibly unlikely that KSI’s could cause himself or – or Tommy Fury – any danger. Not only will the diamonds be smoothed out, but there’ll be multiple layers of resin covering them.”

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