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The pros and cons of platinum rings

Did you know that platinum is one of the world’s rarest metals? In comparison to gold, where around 1,500 tonnes are mined annually, only 160 tonnes of platinum are mined from a small number of locations.

Considering platinum is much harder to come by than gold, it’s easy to see why it’s a little more expensive. However, despite the increase in price, it’s not immediately obvious what the pros and cons of a platinum ring are.

So, fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have taken it upon themselves to do some research.

What are the benefits of platinum rings?

They enhance a diamond’s sparkle

Platinum is naturally a silver or white colour, in comparison to gold which is yellow. The white, silver hues accentuate a diamond or gemstone and give it an extra touch of sparkle as the natural light will radiate off it. Beautiful!

They are strong and durable

Platinum is a very dense metal, and while this can often mean more of it is needed to craft the ring, it also means platinum rings are durable and will most likely last you a lifetime. With gold and white gold rings, they are vulnerable to everyday wear and tear, meaning scratches can easily be seen if you knock your ring. As platinum offers a beautiful natural white sheen, it is much more resistant to these visible signs of damage, and will retain its natural beauty for much longer.

They are perfect if you have nickel allergies

Whilst it’s generally uncommon, some people do have allergic reactions to nickel. A nickel allergy can irritate the skin, leave red blotches and be itchy when the ring is worn. Unfortunately, as white gold jewellery is made from pure gold and alloyed with nickel, it will bring out a reaction from those who are allergic. If this sounds like you, then it’s probably best to choose platinum which contains no traces of nickel.

What are the downsides to platinum jewellery?

It’s a little more expensive

If you’re thinking of choosing platinum for your wedding or engagement ring, you’re sure to be making a great choice. However, you may have to splash a little more cash as platinum is more expensive than gold. However, now we know the benefits of platinum rings, if you do have the money to spend, this could be a worthwhile investment, due to it’s durability, strength and ability to radiate light and add sparkle to your diamond or gemstone.

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