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Three jewellery superstitions you should know

Whether you avoid walking under ladders or dodge black cats walking down the street, everybody is a little superstitious.

But did you know that a lot of superstitions regard jewellery? Most jewellery superstitions have been around for centuries.

While some of them are based on myths, legends, folklore or religious beliefs, some of them are related to the type, shape, colour or even the material of the jewellery.

Fine jewellery experts at Steven Stone have revealed some of the most surprising jewellery superstitions.


Three jewellery superstitions you should know! 🔮✨ Which one surprised you the most and which would you choose to ignore? 😌 Let us know in the comments! 👇🏻 Also, don’t forget to follow us for more exciting jewellery content! ❤️ #jewellery #superstitions #bespokejeweller #custom #gemstones #diamonds #engagementring #remodel #wedding #tradition

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1. Only wear your own birthstone

Birthstones are lauded for their ability to bring luck and success to those who wear them, and it’s said that your birthstone can raise both your aura and energy. This is because it corresponds with your birth month, date, and astrological sign.

Ultimately, wearing your birthstone can provide a helping hand in aligning you to a higher frequency that will best serve your body and soul

Wearing a birthstone that isn’t your own on the other hand is a different story and said to bring bad luck due to energy clashes.

2. Include a blue gemstone on your wedding day

Blue has been connected to weddings for centuries. In Ancient Rome, Brides wore blue to symbolise love, modesty and fidelity. Long associated with the Virgin Mary, Christians believe it to represent purity.

In Victorian times, each item that the Bride was supposed to wear was said to provide the couple with a different form of protection and good fortune. When paired with the chosen “something old”, “something blue” supposedly protected the bride against the Evil Eye – a curse passed through a malicious glare that could make the bride infertile.

Wearing a blue gemstone on your wedding day is known to bring good fortune and happiness to the wearer.

3. The wedding ring is worn on the ring finger

The majority of people wear their wedding ring on their left hand. Tradition states that your wedding ring is to be worn on your fourth finger and this finger is often known as the wedding ring finger – engagement rings are worn on the same finger.

The tradition of wearing your wedding ring on your left ring finger dates back to Roman times, when it was believed that the vein in the fourth finger of the left hand ran directly to your heart – romans named this vein the “vein of love”, and placed the ring over it to signify the love the newly married couple shares.

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