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Princess Beatrice’s engagement ring has a special connection to the Queen and Meghan Markle

While her Royal wedding was intimate and understated in comparison to some others, Princess Beatrice's engagement ring stands out from the crowd.

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The Jubilee jewellery choices that honoured the Queen

When Her Majesty was unfortunately missing from some of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations, several members of the royal family honoured her love of pearl jewellery with their carefully curated outfits and accessories – including Kate Middleton, Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice.

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Queen Camilla’s latest brooches have a poignant history

Queen Camilla adorned herself with the Greville Ivy Leaf Clips as she lead a royal party in at St George's Chapel today.

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The 10 most valuable royal engagement rings

Royal engagement rings receive a lot of attention and have set a number of beautiful design trends over the years, but which one is your favourite?

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The incredible £250,000 jewellery gift Sarah Ferguson received from Queen Elizabeth II

Unlike many royal brides, Sarah Ferguson wore two special headpieces - including a £250,000 diamond tiara which was also a very important gift...

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The royal ladies wore some sentimental jewels to the coronation – but how much are they worth?

From inherited pearls to historic diamonds, the royal ladies sported a wealth of stunning jewels at the coronation. We've taken a close look at the finest jewellery that was on display.

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The best jewellery moments from ‘The Crown’ Season 5

We've been watching 'The Crown' with a close eye and have revealed everything you need to know about the most impressive pieces of jewellery from Season 5.

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How the Royals have paid tribute to the Queen with their jewellery choices

Since the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II, various members of the royal family have been paying tribute to the late monarch through their choice of jewellery.

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The origins of the Queen’s £187,000 set of four diamond brooches

We've taken a close look at the Queen's set of four diamond brooches that represent England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Barbie doll wears iconic jewellery worth over £65M

Queen Elizabeth II has received her very own Barbie doll - and she's wearing some spectacular jewels...

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The most Googled wedding dresses from the British Royal family

From Kate Middleton to Princess Anne, when a member of the Royal Family gets married, the whole world gets set to watch the grand affair.

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The secret stories behind the most expensive royal family tiaras

Having analysed the most expensive tiaras worn by British Royal brides, we've revealed everything you need to know about them.

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The world’s most Googled celebrity engagement rings

Which celebrity engagement ring has attracted the most attention?

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Which Royal Family has the most expensive tiara collection?

Royals are known for their impressive tiaras, but how much would it cost for them to insure them?

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