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Most Read Articles of 2023

From celebrity engagement rings to dazzling Royal jewels, fine jewellery and engagement ring experts at Steven Stone have valued some incredible pieces throughout 2022.

In a year when Lauren Sanchez dazzled with a $3.5 million engagement ring from Jeff Bezos, Margot Robbie dazzled with a series of Barbie-inspired jewles and Queen Camilla made her debut in the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara, the content has been flowing! But which of our articles caught your attention? 

Using Google Analytics, we’ve compiled a list of our most read articles of 2023.

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10. Dakota Johnson has been flaunting a HUGE emerald ring on her engagement finger – and it’s not the first time

Are Dakota Jonson and Chris Martin planning to walk down the aisle? We still don’t know…

Dakota Johnson attended an annual event in New York last month, which benefits the charity Hope for Depression Research Foundation, which honored the actress for her depression advocacy. 

Sporting an oversized blazer, a pair of skinny, black leather pants and a silky white blouse, she accessorised with a HUGE emerald ring on her engagement finger – and it wasn’t the first time that she’d dazzled with it!

Zack Stone commented: “Featuring an 8-10 carat oval cut emerald, Dakota’s ring is certainly impressive. The huge stone appears to be sat in a halo setting, which further accentuates its beauty. 

The actress is clearly a fan of the highly precious gemstone as she’s previously been seen sporting an elegant cushion cut emerald ring. The stone of the heart, emeralds symbolise mercy, compassion and universal love – making them the ideal choice for an engagement ring. 

Dakota stunned us with the ring when she wore it to her 34th birthday celebrations last month, sparking speculation that she’s engaged to Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin. She’ll be in good company if it is in fact an engagement ring as celebrities sporting emerald engagement rings include Rita Ora, who received a 10 carat emerald cut Columbian green emerald from Taika Waititi. 

Though it’s dependent on the quality of the stone, Dakota’s ring could easily be worth $500,000 (£400,000).”

9. Everything you need to know about Abbey Clancy’s engagement ring from Peter Crouch

Back in January, former footballer, Peter Crouch and model, Abbey Clancy renewed their wedding vows after 11 years of marriage.

The idyllic Maldives beach ceremony took place over the festive period with only their loved ones in attendance.

Abbey shared a photo of the group enjoying the sun and an array of cocktails to her Instagram story, alongside the caption: ‘fam’.

Maxwell Stone commented: “Whenever Abbey shares a photo to Instagram, we can never take our eyes off her dazzling engagement ring – with the news that her and Peter have renewed their vows, it was the perfect opportunity for us to take a closer look at the sparkler.

Abbey’s shoulder set ring from Peter appears to feature a 4 carat pear shaped diamond with a matching diamond band. Though shoulder set rings are a twist on a classic, Peter made a timeless and romantic choice with the pear shaped diamond as the droplet shape is said to represent an emotional bond or connection.

Peter and Abbey aren’t the first A-List couple to have renewed their vows recently – last July, Rochelle and Marvin Humes reaffirmed their enduring love for one another in front of 75 family and close friends, ten years to the day that they first became husband and wife.

I’d estimate Abbey’s engagement ring from Peter to be worth £100,000.”

8. Everything you need to know about Barbara Palvin’s engagement ring from Dylan Sprouse

It’s official – Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin are engaged! 

The actor and model took to Instagram to confirm that they’ve been engaged since September, after months of speculation.

Rumours began to fly after Barbara was spotted flashing a diamond ring on THAT finger at the Mammoth Film Festival in March of this year.

Zack Stone commented: “A huge congratulations are in order for Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin! We can’t believe that they managed to keep their happy news a secret for so long.

Barbara’s ring features an oval cut diamond in a solitaire setting. The dazzling diamond appears to be sat on a thin rose gold band, accentuating its size – the lavish pink shade of rose gold tends to be associated with love and romance. 

47 % of celebrities received rings in a solitaire setting last year and the traditional setting has continued to be popular among celebrities this year – both Naomi Watts and Kate Bosworth recently received solitaire rings from their future spouse. 

I’d estimate Barbara’s elegant ring from Dylan to be worth $40,000.”

7. Bella Swan’s engagement ring sparkles as much as Edward Cullen

As Twilight celebrated its 15th anniversary, it was impossible not to reflect on the cultural phenomenon that swept readers and moviegoers alike into a mesmerizing world of romance, vampires, and werewolves.

Stephenie Meyer’s captivating saga, marked by the iconic love story between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, has left an indelible mark on literature and popular culture. Over the past decade and a half, Twilight has not only become a bestselling book series but also inspired a blockbuster film franchise that further fueled its global appeal.

In ‘Eclipse’ – the third book and film in the series – Edward proposes to Bella with an iconic engagement ring. To celebrate the anniversary of the highly successful film franchise, we took another look at Bella’s sparkler, revealing everything there is to know…

Maxwell Stone commented: “Bella’s engagement ring is an extravagant Victorian inspired domed-oval shaped white gold ring, which is encrusted with rows of cubic zirconias. In the film, the ring has a constant glittering that matches that of Edward’s skin when he steps into the sunlight.

Representing the couple’s love and eternal bond, the ring oozes with sentiment as it was given to Edward’s Mother by his Father – which explains its out of date and unusual appearance.

Bella’s ring from Edward is incredibly unique. It doesn’t feature any expensive stones, so is likely to carry a value of under £1,000.”

6. Prince Philip designed a symbolic bracelet for Queen Elizabeth II to mark their fifth wedding anniversary

Queen Elizabeth II owned the most spectacular collection of jewellery in the world, but none of the pieces held as much value to her as those that were gifted to her by her husband, Prince Philip.

Following in the footsteps of Prince Albert – who frequently designed jewellery for his wife, Queen Victoria – Prince Philip designed multiple magnificent pieces of jewellery for Queen Elizabeth II over the years.

To celebrate what would have been Prince Philip’s 102nd birthday on 10th June 2023, we took a look at the symbolic bracelet that the Duke of Edinburgh designed for Queen Elizabeth II to mark their fifth wedding anniversary.

Maxwell Stone commented: “Over the course of their marriage, Prince Philip designed numerous gifts of jewellery for Queen Elizabeth II – including a special bracelet to celebrate the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary. Crafted by Boucheron, the yellow gold bracelet was based on a drawing by the Prince and features diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

Laced with sentiment, the intricate piece incorporates Prince Philip’s naval badge. Set in diamonds, the badge is surrounded by two sapphire crosses that are likely to represent the Greek flag. The bracelet also features a ruby cross that’s likely to represent the England flag, as well as two roses of York as a sweet nod to Queen Elizabeth II’s first royal title.

I’d estimate the bracelet to be worth $100k (£80k).”

5. Logan Paul designed a VERY traditional engagement ring for Nina Agdal

After just over one year of dating, Logan Paul and Nina Agal announced their engagement.

The YouTuber and WWE star uploaded a video that features behind-the-scenes footage of his proposal, which shows that the surprise was nearly ruined.

During the video, Logan explains how he designed Nina’s ring and can be seen opening a ring box and viewing it for the first time.

Maxwell Stone commented: “Logan Paul proposed to Nina Agdal with a traditional three stone engagement ring that he designed himself – going to the effort to create a custom engagement ring for your partner shows the full extent of your love for them. Adding to the rings sentimentality, three stone engagement rings represent a couple’s past, present and future.

The gorgeous ring features a 6ct emerald cut diamond, shouldered by bullet cut diamond side stones, set in platinum. Thanks to their v-shaped tip, bullet cut diamonds are the perfect way to transition to the shank – the can also make a rings centre stone look bigger and brighter.

I’d estimate the ring to be worth $500,000.”

4.Zoe Sugg is engaged – and her ring celebrates her family with Alfie Deyes

Zoe Sugg confirmed that she is engaged to her long term partner, Alfie Deyes.

After over ten years together, Alfie popped the question while the couple were on a romantic holiday.

The pregnant YouTube star confirmed the news when she took to Instagram to share a black and white video that shows the couple embracing, before she turns around and flashes her ring.

Maxwell Stone commented: “Zoe’s engagement ring features a 2.50 carat oval cut diamond, in a solitaire setting. 

The oval shape symbolises fertility, rebirth, and family – making the centre stone an incredibly poignant choice as the couple are currently preparing to welcome their second child in December.

Renowned for providing excellent brilliance, oval cut diamonds are incredibly popular with celebrities. When Tommy Fury proposed to Molly-Mae in July, he presented her with a £600k ($772k) engagement ring that features a 7-8ct oval cut diamond in a solitaire setting.

The gorgeous diamond sits on a thin band, which provides a feminine and elegant appearance. Ensuring that the diamond is the focal point of the ring, thin bands can often make a centre stone look larger.

I’d estimate Zoe’s ring to carry a value of around £25,000 ($30,000).”

3.The dazzling diamond ring that Dodi Fayed purchased for Princess Diana – VISIT (

We were very excited when the sixth and final season of ‘The Crown’ was launched, which was released in two parts.

The new episodes pick up from season fives abrupt ending, charting Princess Diana’s final days – heavily focusing on her relationship with Dodi Fayed, son of Egyptian billionaire and Harrods owner, Mohamed Al-Fayed.

In episode 3, Dodi purchases an engagement ring for the late Princess of Wales. Though parts of the series are fabricated, an engagement ring was reportedly recovered at Dodi’s apartment in Paris after their tragic deaths – alongside a receipt for the Repossi jewellery store.

Maxwell Stone commented: “Princess Diana’s engagement ring from the then Prince Charles is one of the most iconic pieces of jewellery in royal history, but did you know that there’s another engagement ring associated with the late Princess of Wales?

After the sad passing of Diana and her partner Dodi Fayed, an engagement ring was reportedly recovered at Dodi’s apartment in Paris – alongside a receipt for the Repossi jewellery store.

An emerald cut diamond sits at the centre of the dazzling ring, accented with four trillion cut diamonds on each side that are bordered by a yellow gold trim. Further accentuating the rings sparkle, it has a wide pave band that boasts at least 40 round cut diamonds. The ring is reportedly inscribed with “Dis-moi Oui,” which means “Tell me yes” in French – a particularly romantic touch.

The sparkler reportedly cost Dodi £11,600 – though I estimate it to be worth around £20,000 today.”

2. Beyonce & Jay-Z gifted Blue Ivy an $80k Barbie on her first birthday

With the release of the first live-action Barbie film, it’s safe to say that Barbie fever took over the world this year.

Directed by Greta Gerwig, the film hit cinemas on 21st July 2023 and features an array of huge stars – including Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken.

Of course, Barbie has been popular since she first hit shelves in 1959 and she’s had a multitude of looks in that time. Though they’ve not all been available to the general public.

We took a look at the special Barbie that Beyonce and Jay-Z purchased for their daughter Blue Ivy on her first birthday.

In true fashion, when Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated Blue Ivy’s first birthday, they threw a lavish Princess style birthday party in New York, to which they invited close friends and family. The party was decorated with £60,000 worth of pink and roses and the cake cost £1,500. To entertain the younger guests, the couple spent £20,000 on accessories and toys.

Of course, the A-List couple spoilt their daughter with a wealth of diamond gifts. The gift that we couldn’t wait to find out more about was a one of a kind diamond-encrusted Barbie. Confirmed to feature 160 diamonds, set in white gold, the dazzling doll reportedly cost a staggering £63,000 ($80,000).

Though an image of the unique doll has never been shared, it’s assumed that it shares similarities to the doll pictured below, which is recorded as the world’s most expensive diamond set Barbie.

1. Sofia Richie’s glamorous wedding band is worth A LOT less than her engagement ring

Sofia Richie stunned as she married Elliot Grainge in the French Riviera back in April.

Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia was a beautiful bride as she said ‘I do’ to her beau in a star-studded ceremony – with guests including Cameron Diaz.

For the ceremony itself, Sofia looked incredible in a halter-neck beaded gown with scallop with a simple veil, whilst she clutched a simple and small bouquet of white flowers.

After being blown away by Sofia’s sensational engagement ring one year prior, we couldn’t wait to take a look at her wedding ring – and we weren’t disappointed.

Maxwell Stone commented: “Sofia Richie’s engagement ring is a real showstopper and she’s found the perfect match for it with her diamond wedding band.

The band features round brilliant diamonds in a claw setting, surrounding the entire circumference of the ring – a style that represents eternal love, equality and passion.

I‘d estimate Sofia’s wedding band to be worth £25,000 – though it’s just as glamorous, it’s worth a huge £355,000 less than her engagement ring.”

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