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The 637 carat diamond necklace that’s worth an incredible $55 million

Back in 2013, Mouawad created the stunning masterpiece that is the L’Incomparable necklace.

Worth an incredible $55 million, the Guinness World Records deemed it to be the world’s most expensive diamond necklace at that moment in time.

Leading diamond experts at Steven Stone have taken a close look at the impressive piece, revealing everything there is to know.

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About the piece

The necklace features a flawless huge yellow diamond that weighs 407.48 carats. 

Alongside from this massive rock, the necklace is decked with 35 round cut diamonds, 27 pear cut diamonds, nine heart cut diamonds, five emerald cut diamonds, five cushion cut diamonds, four oval cut diamonds, three Asscher cut diamonds and two radiant cut diamonds.

Aesthetically speaking, ‘L’Incomparable’ refers to a vine, with the central stones hanging from the stem.

Twitter: @GWR
Twitter: @GWR

Where was the diamond discovered?

The diamond has a fascinating story behind if after it was discovered in the 1980’s by a young girl in Africa as she played in a pile of rubble in Mbuji Mai.

The rubble was apparently rejected by the MIBA Diamond Mine after the workers who assessed the rough stone decided it was too bulky to be worth scanning for diamonds.

Since its discovery the diamond has continued to grow in value and was even on display at the Natural History wing of Washington’s Smithsonian Institute.

What are yellow diamonds?

Yellow diamonds are the result of nitrogen atoms being present when the diamond is formed deep under the earth’s surface. They’ve always been a popular choice to wear set in jewellery – whether it’s an engagement ring, diamond pendant, matching pair of diamond earrings, or a dazzling diamond bracelet.

Like white diamonds they are graded by the four Cs diamond grading process – cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. Paler yellow diamonds, like canary yellow, are a lot more common and affordable. Whereas intense fancy yellow diamonds are the most rarest of the yellow diamonds.

Yellow diamonds are often seen as a symbol of the sun, signifying its warmth and power, while also representing clarity in thought and knowledge. 

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